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Scientific Dialog

Let’s take a step into the scientific dialog! Increase your reputation and find your partner in industry and science. For that, we organize several workshops and events where you can meet other professionals and experts. But you are also invited to organize own events and workshops which fit perfectly to your interests. We will provide you a platform with our national and international contacts.

Foundation IBS encourages scientific dialog. Thus, organizers of seminaries and workshops will be 100% supported.

Academics and Young People

Academics and young people will take part in our workshops. This mixture of professional and forthcoming academics is a guarantee for a powerful cooperation and interesting and objective discussions. Existing networks are good prerequisites for all participants.

Experts and Professionals

Experts from industry and science provide us with their broad knowledge and experience. With their expertise, they can give impulse and interesting insights within our events and workshops.

Get involved!

We invite you as an acaddemic to create your own dialog platform. You send your application here:

Request a IBS workshop

Scientific Dialog


With your publication in proceedings, your workshop contributions can be referenced and accessed, national and international. All publications are available for free download.

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