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The IBS Foundation supports pupils, students and doctoral candidates from the MINT areas. Career and study orientation, practical relevance and soft skills are the focal points of our support. Experts from science and practice are happy to advise you.

IBS Student Profile Review

Lectures, exercises, internships and exams determine the daily study routine. Have you ever asked yourself: "Where do I stand?" It's not so easy to find out. Long selection lists, partial results and the requirements from the industry are confusing, contradictory and confusing. This has now come to an end.


We offer students from MINT subjects and interdisciplinary courses of study internships, project work and activities as working students.


Internships for students are offered by companies in the ICT sector, the automotive industry and the IT service sector. Current offers from the Chemnitz region are provided by our partners in the IT Alliance for Skilled Workers.

Working Students

Working students gain their first practical insights, learn about current application areas and earn their own money. Here we provide current offers from our partners for students in Bachelor and Master programs:

With the IBS Student Profile Review, the IBS Foundation has developed a holistic, comprehensive assessment concept for academic achievements. The 800-point system of the IBS Student Profile Review evaluates study progress, performance level, choice of subjects and practical relevance. You will receive a detailed certificate based on your study profile for only 49 €. 

Final Thesis

You would like to do a doctorate. That is a good decision. We support PhD students, arrange contacts and scientific partners. Our network is a safe way to find experts and advice.


Symposia, forums and events for doctoral students provide you with contacts and scientific inspiration.

IBS Workshop

You have (almost) completed your doctoral thesis. Then it is extremely important that you make yourself known to your colleagues.
An IBS workshop is the ideal opportunity to do this. Step into the scientific dialogue. For your career. And with our support. Apply for funding.

Dialog Active ...

We invite academics and young professionals with a scientific background to actively shape scientific dialogue. Organize an IBS workshop on your own research topic. Submit your online application here:

Request IBS Workshop

Write to us. We will gladly take care of your request and you will receive a prompt reply. Thank you for your trust.

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