IBS Talent Forum 2020 / 04

30. August 2020

The IBS Talent Forum 2020/04 presents the company Wingcopter GmbH from Darmstadt

The IBS Talent Forum 2020/04 gives access via Wingcopter GmbH.

More information will follow shortly.


Isabelle Shourdom – Wingcopter GmbH

Wednesday, October 14th 2020 at 4:00 pm

Präsentation and question session are in english and german language.

Number of participants is limited. Registration is open now:

ONLINE Registration is open.

IBS Talent Forum presents innovativ companies, technology news and application opportunities. Focus is on areas as automotive innovation, software engoneering and digitalization. Technical innovaitons, trends and developments in industry as well as opportunities for graduates and students are discussed. A question and answering session garanties inteactive discurs. There is no registration fee.


Nico Helmenstein