IBS Talent Forum 2020 / 03

26. April 2020

The IBS Talent Forum 2020/03 presents two exciting companies from Saxony – Mastersolution AG and MyGoal Training

First presentation: Mastersolution AG

The IBS Talent Forum 2020/03 gives access via Mastersolution AG, wich uses the modular systems for digital knowledge transfer to provide its customers, company or group, a modular knowledge transfer system north. Must based on the standard solutions, digitization, pragmatic and the effects on the administration. It is important that they are based on platform truths, tailored interfaces in the IT world and architecture. Starting with intelligent tools for the production of violations (such as learning packages, authorizations and information videos), through secure distribution solutions to individual platforms and apps.

Software for communication & learning

Enrico Korb & Tim Volckmann – mastersolution AG

Second presentation: MyGoal Training

“Congratulations and welcome to the SME Champions League!” wrote the EU commision to the founding team in Lauta last automn. MyGoal Training is the only SME in East Saxony that has ever won a grant in the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 1. In the training data of triathletes and other endurance athletes, the start-up has discovered a treasure that need to be raised. In order to implement the stringly growth-oriented strategy and for the gradual market launch of new software solutions, the team seeks contact with science and gradually strengthens itself with IT specialists. Founder Mathias Priebe exclusively presents his plan for innovation and international growth. The EU-funded feasibility study to explore market opportunities and technological development has just ended at the end of May. The endurance athletes are regular guests at IBS Laubusch as network partners and neighbors.

Accelerate us! From endurance training to software as a service

Mathias Priebe, MBA (founder) – MyGoal Training

Wednesday, June 17th 2020 at 4:00 pm

Präsentation and question session are in english and german language.

Number of participants is limited. Registration is open now:

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IBS Talent Forum presents innovativ companies, technology news and application opportunities. Focus is on areas as automotive innovation, software engoneering and digitalization. Technical innovaitons, trends and developments in industry as well as opportunities for graduates and students are discussed. A question and answering session garanties inteactive discurs. There is no registration fee.


Nico Helmenstein